Hello! We are Ribinta - a small family company! 

The founders and makers this amazing chess set!

 Our story

The beginnings of Ribinta go back to 2014, when the founder of the company, Gintaras, who was starting to play chess more and more often, faced several big problems. The first problem was that playing on a PC was an awkward, frustrating experience. Another big problem was that computer opponents were very unrealistic. It was much more fun to play chess at a real board with friends. But it was rarely possible to find a convenient time for all players, and losing against them face to face was embarrassing. Thus arose the need to have a chess board that had both the best features of computer opponents and the experience of playing with friends. But there was nothing like this to buy, so it was up to Gintaras to create such a thing. After occupying one family room and turning it into a workshop, it took six years. Many prototypes were created, many tests performed. After many failures, Gintaras produced chess that exceeded all of his expectations. 


Our company today

We are a small family company established in Vilnius, Lithuania, just 26 kilometers from the geographical center of Europe. Our goal is to be a long-lasting, socially responsible business producing quality products for a reasonable price. In order to ensure the durability of our products, we buy almost all raw materials and components from reliable European manufacturers, and make the products carefully and responsibly. We are constantly striving to improve our products and processes, so that we can offer you more value. Thank you for choosing us!